Here we have not so much a contest as an opportunity for you to share the photographs, drawings, crafts, etc. of which you are proud with the other cyberviewers out there.

Your non-commercial submissions will be shown for as long as time will allow, dictated by the arrival of newer submissions. Submissions will be displayed in our gallery free of charge (you don't have to pay us to show them, but we won't pay you either). All submissions will not be shown; we will judge them for quality of image and for public interest.

All submissions must have something to do with the Hamptons!

You may submit photographs by mail (they will not be returned, so they should be duplicate copies of your work) to us at: P.O. Box 1412, Amagansett, New York 11930-1412. Or, you may drop us a note by e-mail, with your graphic file as an attachment. Files must be in GIF, JPEG or RIF format (suggested resolution of 72 dpi or better, actual size or larger). We will reformat them as necessary to better fit our page(s). Please include your name for credit, and a brief description of the subject matter, as well as the approximate date of the submission's creation. You may also include your e-mail address if you would like it displayed for public opinion, comments or feedback to be sent to you.

Current Gallery Selections

On the Way to Georgica Pond
Dennis Paul & Lynn Small, East Hampton, Summer 2000

Sag Harbor Perennial Garden
Tomomi Matsushita, Sag Harbor, June 1995

After the Corn
Henry Gorell, Amagansett, Autumn 1994

Autumn Colors 1
Harry Schleifer, Amagansett, Autumn 1994

Autumn Colors 2
Harry Schleifer, Amagansett, Autumn 1994

East Hampton Pond
Virginia Richter, East Hampton, Autumn 1994

Deck at East Hampton Point
William Sagal, East Hampton, Autumn 1994

Linda Soranaka, East Hampton, August 1994

Luis Rodriguez, Amagansett, September 1993

Dog Day Afternoon
Debra Noble, Amagansett, Summer 1993

East Hampton Beach
Eddie Hodges, East Hampton, November 1992

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